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Journal of Physics and Technology 4 (2020) Issue 1


Monte Carlo Simulations for Optimization of the Radiation Shielding of TR-24 Cyclotron
A. Demerdjiev, N. Goutev, G. Asova, K. Shegunov and D. Tonev

Emergence and Development of Science Education and Bulgarian Schools
Elena D. Maslenkova

Optical Variability of Selected Blazars
Evelina Zaharieva, Milen Minev, Evgeni Ovcharov and Vladimir Bozhilov

Assessment of Expected Individual Effective Dose of Internal Exposure
Ivan Borisov, Mariana Shopova and Marian Genovski Working with mobile home buyers can be a great option if you need to sell your home quickly due to financial or personal circumstances. They offer a fast and efficient solution that can help you move on with your life. To know more about the service, visit

High-Redshift AGNs: Preliminary Results of a Long-Term Optical Study
Milen Minev, Evgeni Ovcharov, Antoniya Valcheva, Vladimir Bozhilov and Petko Nedialkov Казино Бонуси Без Депозит

An Effective Method for Calculating the Waveguide and Leaky Modes of a Planar Multilayer Structure
Ivan Lambov and Ivan Ivanov

On the Evolutionary Connections among OB stars, Wolf – Rayet Stars, Yellow Supergiants and Red Supergiants in the M33 Galaxy
Yordan Darakchiev and Petko Nedialkov

Rapid Design of Carousels for PVD Equipment: Some Considerations
Chavdar Pashinski

Spectral Characteristics of Melanin-Pigmented Cutaneous Neoplasia
Stoyan Ilyov, Tsanislava Genova, Deyan Ivanov, Petranka Troyanova, Ivan Bratchenko, Lyudmila Bratchenko, Valery Zakharov, Aleksejs Lihachevs, Ilze Lihachova, Janis Spigulis and Ekaterina Borisova

Engineering design in the Physics Training Experiment (PTE) through low-cost constructors
Nikolay Tsonev and Nikol Gocheva

Thermodynamic Mathematical Model for Turbofan Engines and its Application for the Examination of Component Degradation on Engine Performance
Svetomir Rusev and Nikolay Kunchev

Immobilization of β-galactosidase in xanthan/chitosan polyelectrolyte multilayers deposited on corona charged polylactic acid substrates
A. P. Viraneva, A. V. Grigorov, T. A. Yovcheva, I. P. Bodurov and I. N. Iliev