Volume 2 (2018) Issue 1

Volume 2 (2018) Issue 1


Carrier Lifetime and Phase Retardation of the Photoresponse of Photovoltaic Materials

Tsanimir Angelov, Veselin Donchev, Stefan Georgiev and Kiril Kirilov

An Approach for Engineering Tuning of a PID -controller with a Dynamic Second Order Object

Georgi Terziyski and Veneta Terziyska

Podolsky Generalized Electrodynamics Lower Bounds on the Mass of the Dark Photon

Kalin Kolev and Tsvetan Vetsov

Implementation of Uncertainty Analysis for Evaluation of Nuclear Reactors VVER-1000 Fuel Safety Margins During Normal Operation by FEMAXI-6 Computer Code Calculations

Venelin Rusanov, Plamen Petkov and Krasimir Kamenov

Automated Control System for Greenhouses

Emanoil Trushanov and Georgi Terziyski

Comperative Analisys Between Hard Disk Drive and Solid State Drive

Toncho Tonchev, Yordanka Yankova-Yordanova and Tsvetoslav Tsankov

Features and Application of Modern NoSQL Databases

Krasimir Slavyanov and Todor Beshlikov

Inspection of Automotive Controllers for Stability via Communication Systems with Specialized Diagnostic Software

Ibryam Ahmedov, Dimo Chirakov and Tsvetoslav Tsankov

Software Synthesizers

Tarkan Ismail, Viktor Lilov and Daniel Denev

Statistical Features of the Aftershock Sequence After the Mw8.3 Strong Earthquake Near Illapel, Chile in 2015

Kostadin Yanev, Dragomir Gospodinov and Boyko Ranguelov