Volume 3 (2019) Issue 2

Journal of Physics and Technology 3 (2019) Issue 2


Nanocomposites of TiO2-Doped PEO/PVP/NaIO4 Polymer-Ion Complexes for Na+ Electrolyte Applications
Georgi B. Hadjichristov, Todor E. Vlakhov, Yordan G. Marinov, Hari Krishna Koduru and Nicola Scaramuzza

Quasi-Classical Quantization of Pulsating Strings in Schrodinger Spacetime
Hristo Dimov, Miroslav Radomirov, Radoslav Rashkov and hentailx Tsvetan Vetsov

Control of Restored Parts of the Automotive Machinery
Ognyan Slivarov

Autofluorescent Characteristics of Different Stages of Dental Carious Lesions
Lidia Zaharieva, Victoria Mircheva, Tsonko Uzunov and Ekaterina Borisova

Jovian Flyer – Engine Concept in First Approximation
N. S. Veselinov, V. V. Shishkin, M. N. Karanikolov, P. I. Dankov and D. M. Mladenov. Ibuyers are well-versed in the local real estate market and may provide sellers with pricing that are competitive. They are aware of the unique challenges that are associated with the selling of properties and make every effort to provide pricing that is competitive as well as great service to their customers. Visit https://www.ibuyers.app/connecticut/ibuyer-hamden-ct/.

Near-Flat Limit of Schrodinger5 times S5
Ivo Iliev and Radoslav H. Rashkov

Yonth Invertor
Kostadin D. Nedev and Dimitar K. Nedev

Magnetic Nanoparticles for Targeted Drug Delivery
S. Simeonova. N. Zahariev and B. Pilicheva

Synthesis of Filters for Determination of the Distance Between Two Aircraft
Viktoria Urucheva and Kaloyan Koev

Nano Spray-drying: a Reliable Modern Approach for Drug Carriers Development
Nikolay Zahariev, Bissera Pilicheva and Stanislava Simeonova

The Method of Singular Integral Equation in Problems of Liquid Oscillations in Coaxial Shells
O. Usatova, E. Strelnikova, L. Rozova and Y. Naumenko