Volume 3 (2019) Issue 1

Journal of Physics and Technology 3 (2019) Issue 1


Thermal Dependence of Photoinduced Birefringence in Thin Azopolymer Films

B. Blagoeva, G. Mateev, D. Nazarova and L. Nedelchev

Optimization of Fizeau Wedge Controllable Transmission

B. Blagoeva, E. Stoykova, M. Nenchev and M. Deneva

Visualizing Healthy and Malignant Tissues via Polarized Light Imaging and Chemical Staining
D. Ivanov, V. Strijkova, L. Nedelchev, D. Nazarova and E. Borisova

Increase of the Photoinduced Birefringence in Azopolymer Films Doped with TiO2 Nanoparticles
G. Mateev, D. Nazarova and L. Nedelchev

Light Transmittance of Aerosil/7CB Nematic Nanocomposite Electro-Optical Material Doped with Photoactive Azobenzene Nematogenic Liquid Crystal
G. Hadjichristov, Y. Marinov, I. Spirov and G. Exner

Influence of the Technological Parameters of Jet Mixing Process on Chitosan / Alginate Nanoparticles
S. Milenkova, I. Bodurov and M. Marudova

Some Applications of Ultrasound in Medicine
E. Alieva and G. Exner

Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing Between Three Optical Waves, Propagating in Isotropic Nonlinear Medium
Z. Kasapeteva, A. Dakova, D. Dakova and L. Kovachev

Some Classical Solutions of the Pulsating String in Schrödinger Spacetime
H. Dimov, R. Rashkov, M. Radomirov and Ts. Vetsov

Output and Power Characteristics of LLC Resonant DC-DC Converters for Photovoltaic Applications
G. Terziyski and S. Lekova

Making Details of a 3D Printer from Another 3D Printer
V. Ganev, V. Aleksandrov and K. Slavyanov

Application of the Georgraphic Information Systems for Creating a Digital Model of an Operational Zone
K. Slavyanov and Y. Manchev

Analysis of the Possibilities of Geographic Information Systems in the Enterprise Management
K. Slavyanov and A. Matsurev

Military Applications of Cloud Computing
M. Lambeva and B. Zlatinov

Experimental Research on the Rheological Properties of Cutting Fluids
S. Ramalchanov, S. Yankov, V. Rupetsov, A. Radulescu and I. Radulescu

Opportunities for Remote Use a Powerful Computer
Y. Yankova-Yordanova and Ts. Tsankov

Study of Physical Phenomena in the Written Heritage of Nayden Gerov
E. Maslenkova

Heuristic Physics Problems in the Works of George Pólya
K. Angelov and F. Hoja