Volume 1 (2017) Issue 1

Journal of Physics and Technology 1 (2017) Issue 1


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On the Geodesics in Bondi-Gold-Hoyle Universe Model

Plamena I. Marcheva and Stoil I. Ivanov

Engineering Optimization of a Robot with Six Legs

Georgi Elenchev, Veselin Pavlov and Ivan Chavdarov

Modeling An In-Pipe Inspection Robot

Pancho Dachkinov, Ivan Chavdarov and Veselin Pavlov

Ionospheric anomalies over Bulgaria during geomagnetic storms and their impact on some communications

R. Bojilova

System for automated downloading of geometric data from

R. Bojilova and N. Kilifarska

Studying the Spatial Evolution of a Fractal Set of Points: Application on the 1983 Kefalonia Aftershock Sequence, Greece

D. Gospodinov, D. Stoychev and B. Ranguelov

Sensitivity of the Microseismic Sounding Method Related to the Depth Structure Research in Two Different Seismic Zones – Vrancea and Calabria

E. Oynakov and B. Ranguelov

Influence of Power Density on Laser Drilling of Bronze Samples CuSn10Zn2

Nikolay Angelov and Georgi Stoyanov

Frequency Dependence of Temperature for Laser Marking on Bronze Samples CuAl9Mn2

Nikolay Angelov and Georgi Stoyanov

Influence of Speen on Laser Marking on Bronze Samples CuSn10Zn2

Nikolay Angelov and Georgi Stoyanov

Numerical Experiments for the Influence of Marking Speed on the Process of Steel C22 Laser Marking

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Testing Equipments CA-1 for Illustrating the Performance of Diesel ICE Automobile with Front Drive Wheels

Nikola Dechevski, Ismail Cinev, Slavcho Bozhkov, Penko Bozhkov and G. Staneva

Testing Equipment SZU-1 for Illustrating the Performance of Auomotive Ignition Systems

Samir Hodzhov, Evgeni Kostov, Slavcho Bozhkov and Penko Bozhkov

Factors Influencing Climate Change – a Brief Review

Tsvetelina Velichkova and Natalya Kilifarska

An Affordable Stroboscopic Imaging Technique for Studiyng Liquid Droplet Shape Oscilations

Alexander Pimpas, Pavlin Tsonev, Andreana Andreeva and Nikolay Zografov

Modulation Characteristics Measurements of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals Exposed to Light with Different Wavelengths

N. Bozhinov, D. Karashanova and V. Marinova